Business controlling

Business controlling

To follow you in all the stages of the life of your company

Helping you to set up in France

Assistance of the carrier of project by specialists

Assistance to the establishment of the business plan,

Validation of the profitability and the financial balance of the project,

Establishment of a cash forecast,

Choice of the legal structure adapted to the project (SARL, SA, SAS...)

Preparation of a reporting

To pilot and to master the management of your French entity. In the frame of the follow-up of the management of your company, the implementation of a reporting allows to anticipate the skids and the follow-up of the objectives:

- Assistance to the elaboration of a forecast and a budget,
- Establishment of a monthly reporting,
- Revealing of the differences with regard to the budgets and the objectives

Organization consulting

For a more successful company

Mission of assistance to the organization and to the implementation of the procedures of control in one or several services of your company (commercial, production, administration),

Diagnosis of the weaknesses of your organization and proposition of corrective controls.